Welcome to your resource page and thank you for taking part in Adoremus at Home.

This is a beautiful way to encourage your students to learn more about the Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist.

You can find all you need below.

If you have any questions or wish to order further items,please email us.


Adoremus Resources:

 Adoremus -  Animal cut outs

 Adoremus -  Fruit shapes cut outs

 Adoremus - People in prayer cut outs

 Adoremus  - Afternoon Retreat – Lesson Plan 

 Adoremus  -  Story board 

 Adoremus  - Adoremus A2

 Adoremus  - Adoremus A2 black and white

 Adoremus -  Prayer Card

 Adoremus - Seed packet template

 Adoremus - Powerpoint Presentation

 Corpus Christi - Corpus Christie Poster A3



St Charles' Parish, Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 9PD
Parish Priest: Rev Mgr Paul F Smith STL

Tel: 0161 794 1089 Email: admin@stcharlesswinton.com

The Week Ahead

 Sunday 24 March.  Third Sunday of Lent. (Year C in Lectionary)   Mass  9.30am (Saint Mark's)  11.15am (Saint Charles), 4.00pm (Saint Mark's)


Monday  25 March.  The Annunciation of the Lord.  Mass - 10.00am (Saint Mark's). 7.00pm saint Mary's/Saint Mark's Sacramental Programme parents' session Unit 5 "We are People who Follow Jesus"

Tuesday  26 March.  Mass 8.30am (Saint Charles)

Wednesday 27 March .   Mass - 9.15am in Saint Charles school (Mothers' Day celebration)   7.00pm RCIA Saint Mark's Hall

Thursday 28 March.   Mass -  8.30am (Saint Charles).

 Friday  29 March.   Mass - 10.00am (Saint Mark's)

 Saturday 30 March.  9.00am  Mass in Saint Mary's cemetery chapel.    Sacrament of Reconciliation 11.30am-12.noon Saint Charles.   (Please note, no evening Mass at Saint Charles)

Sunday 31March. Fourth  Sunday of Lent. Mass  9.30am (Saint Marks), 11.15am (Saint Charles),  4.00pm (Saint Mark's)







More details of parish events in weekly Newsletter.