Children’s Liturgy Group


Children’s liturgy groups have been set up in parishes all over the country.  There is no formal national structure to these groups. Members from each parish simply offer their services to pass the word of the Gospel to children attending Mass.

Here at Saint Charles, we have had a children’s liturgy group running during the 11AM Sunday Mass for over 10 years. All leaders, even though volunteers, have had CRB checks carried out to cover them working with your children.

All children are welcome to join us; we have children from 12 months to 12 years and simply ask that those attending are ready and prepared to participate. The sessions are not meant to act as a church crèche where the children can be taken out of the church, to ensure they do not disturb the adults. It can be advisable that an adult should accompany smaller children, not all children settle to being left. As the children get older they often decide themselves that they have outgrown the activities and are ready to remain in church to listen to the readings, Gospel and homily of the priest.

The children receive a blessing at the beginning of Mass and retire with the leaders to celebrate the word of God in their own special way. The Gospel is read to the children, with a simple explanation of how this Gospel shows that Jesus loves them and wants them to love others. Depending on the Gospel, we can do a group activity or crafts can be organized around the theme of the Gospel. We often have pictures to colour and word searches/puzzles for older children, all based on this week’s Gospel. At the end of the session, we aim to have created a display for the altar and something for children to take home to remind them of the message of the Gospel during the week.

Children’s Liturgy at St. Charles currently has 6 volunteers. As we are working with children, the rota is organized in pairs; hence each volunteer has made a commitment to lead every 3rd week.

Useful website addresses:
The parish has access to a number of resources to assist in preparation of weekly sessions. These include:

  1. This page gives a child’s perspective on the Sunday Gospel reading, appropriate word search, colouring pictures and suggested group activities.
  2. This page provides activities based on the Sunday Gospel.


To find out more about this group please email

St Charles' Parish, Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 9PD
Parish Priest: Rev Mgr Paul F Smith STL 
Assistant Priest: Fr. Gavin Landers BA(Hons) STB

Tel: 0161 794 1089 Email:

The Week Ahead

 Sunday 9 December.    Mass 6.00pm (Saturday, Saint Charles), 8.45am (Saint Charles), 9.45am (Saint Mark's)  11.00am (Saint Charles),11.15am (Saint Mary's)  4.00pm (Saint Mark's)

 Monday  10 December.   8.30am Mass (Saint Charles),  10.00am (Saint Mark's).

Tuesday  11 December.      8.30am Mass (Saint Charles)- 10.00am (Saint Mary's )  12.45pm Funeral Mass for Derek Ryder RIP.

 Wednesday  12 December.  8.30am Mass (in church)

Thursday  13 December    Saint Lucy, virgin and martyr 8.30am Mass (Saint Charles),  10.00am Mass(Saint Mary's)    7.30pm Devotions for month of Saints.  This week Saint Lucy with candlelit carols in Saint Charles church.

 Friday 14 December 8.30am Mass (Saint Charles),  10.00am (Saint Mark's).

 Saturday 15  December.   9.00am Mass in Saint Mary's cemetery chapel.   10.00am FIrst Reconciliation Saint Charles. . 11.30 -1200 noon parish confession. First Mass of Sunday (Saint Charles)

Sunday 9 December. Second Sunday of Advent. Mass 6.00pm (Saturday, Saint Charles), 8.45am (Saint Charles), 9.45am (Saint Mark's) . 11.00am (Saint Charles),11.15am (Saint Mary's)  4.00pm (Saint Mark's)







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