St Ambrose Barlow RC High School 
                             and Sixth Form            

 The last four years at St. Ambrose Barlow have seen huge changes and developments. We are now firmly settled in to our new site on Ash Drive and celebrated our 60th anniversary there in 2015-16. We are especially proud of our re-launched 6th Form provision – the only school-based post 16 centre in Salford. We are driven by a powerful  Catholic mission (Faith in You, Love in Learning, Hope in Better) and this inspired our efforts to ensure that local young people can attend a Catholic 6th form on their doortsep where we offer a wide range of A level and BTEC courses. We were delighted when in October 2016 Ofsted gave our Sixth Form a “Good” rating.

We are a school of over 1100 young people and as such each day our vibrant Catholic community comes together to learn and grow. As our motto, Crescens Discit Vivere, says, ” It is through growing we learn how to live.” In the past year our pupils have enjoyed hundreds of inspiring experiences. These include trips to the USA, Europe and all over the UK; a wide range of fundraising activities for local and international charities; celebrations of excellence in many different subject areas; success in various different sporting events through which we are local champions in both rugby and football; speaking in the House of Lords; establishing a Fair Trade group and increasingly a strong sense of service to others.

Just before Christmas, and inspired by Father Gavin, who is a regular visitor to our school, Sixth Formers undertook a day of kindness, visiting local people, supporting the elderly and helping the homeless. Many other pupils donated food parcels to charity to support the needy at Christmas. In late January we will be holding a week of celebration of our school culture and Catholic ethos in recognition of the great work that goes on in our school.

Our ultimate aim is that our pupils leave school as what we call “Change Makers” , people who can use their gifts , skills and knowledge for the benefit of others.

We send out a weekly newsletter and publish a quarterly magazine called Horizons. These can be viewed on our website

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St Charles' Parish, Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 9PD
Parish Priest: Rev Mgr Paul F Smith STL

Tel: 0161 794 1089 Email:

The Week Ahead

 Sunday 21 April.  Easter Sunday  (Year C in Lectionary)   Mass of Easter Vigil 8.30pm (Saturday) 9.30am (Saint Mark's)  11.15am (Saint Charles), No 4.00pm Mass at Saint Mark's today.

Monday  22 April   Monday of Easter Octave. Mass - 10.00am (Saint Mark's).

Tuesday  23 April.  Tuesday of Easter Octave.  8.30am Mass (Saint Charles)

Wednesday 24 April .  Wednesday of Easter Octave. Mass - 8.30am Mass (Saint Charles)

Thursday 25 April.    Thursday of easter Octave.  8.30am Mass Saint Charles. 

 Friday  26 April.   Friday of Easter Octave.  Mass 10.00am Saint Mark's

 Saturday 27 April.  Saturday of Easter Octave. 9.00am  Mass in Saint Mary's cemetery chapel.    Sacrament of Reconciliation 11.30am-12.noon Saint Charles.

Sunday 28 April . Second Sunday of Easter  "Low Sunday'. Mass  9.30am (Saint Marks), 11.15am (Saint Charles),   4.00pm  (Saint Mark's) .







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