Rosary Walk

St Charles' Parish, Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 9PD
Parish Priest: Rev Mgr Paul F Smith STL

Tel: 0161 794 1089 Email:

The Week Ahead

 Sunday  17 November.   Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time.   Mass 9.30am (Saint Mark's) 11.15am (Saint Charles), 4.00pm Saint Mark's.

Monday 18 November.   Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul.  Mass 10.00am. Saint Marks.     7.00pm Sacramental Programme parents' meeting Saint Mark's/Mary's

Tuesday 19 November.    Mass 8.30am Saint Charles.

Wednesday  20 November.    Mass 9.15am in Saint Charles schoolo, Class 5.  7.00pm RCIA in Saint Charles presbytery.

Thursday 21 November.    The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mass  8.30am. Saint Charles.

 Friday 22 November.       Saint Cecilia, virgin and martyr . Mass 10.00am in Saint Mark's.

 Saturday 23 November.    Mass 9.00am Saint Mary's chapel, Wardley.    11.30am - 12.00noon Sacrament of Reconciliation, Saint Charles .

Sunday 24 November.  Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Universal King Mass  9.30am (Saint Marks), 11.15am (Saint Charles),   4.00pm  (Saint Mark's)












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