Union of Catholic Mothers   
(UCM – usually called “The Mothers”)

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm

The UCM have been a part of the life of the Parish of St. Charles Borromeo Church for the past 90 years. The Union of Catholic Mothers was formed to provide the mothers of the time with an opportunity to meet together in a spirit of friendship to learn something new and take an interest in things which may affect themselves or their families. It became a chance of some ‘me’ time for the mums whose time was mainly spent caring for husbands, children and the home and in some cases also trying to earn a little extra income for the family.
We, as an organisation, although our title includes the word Mothers we are not wholly exclusive to mothers but welcome anyone who takes an interest in the things we do and share our commitment to the church and family life, whether they are married, single, or widowed.
Today’s Mums have far more commitments and demands on their time but there is still a need for the opportunity for them to meet with others and spend a couple of hours to relax and enjoy some fun time. Do look at our notice board to find out some of the things we have done and hope to do in the future. If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or any of our members. We are a very welcoming group, age is no barrier, we are as young at heart as anyone!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Susan Beardshaw

To find out more or to join, please email ucm@stcharlesswinton.com 

St Ambrose Barlow, Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 9PD
Parish Priest: Rev Mgr Paul F Smith STL

Tel: 0161 794 1089 Email: admin@stcharlesswinton.com



Saint Charles' and Saint Mark's churches are now closed for the next few weeks.

Please note, Masses will only be streamed for the time being.

 The Week Ahead …..

 Sunday 10 January.      Second Sunday of Ordinary Time. Streamed Mass - 10.00am                                   

Monday 11 January .     Weekday in Ordinary Time.  10.00am Streamed Mass.  12.00noon Funeral service for Edward Foy RIP (In Saint Charles)

Tuesday 12 January. Weekday in Ordinary Time. 8.30am Streamed Mass.  10.30am. Funeral Mass for Frank Flynn RIP (In Saint Charles)

Wednesday 13 January.   Weekday in Ordinary Time.   7.00pm.  Streamed Mass.

Thursday 14 January.  Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr. 8.30am Streamed Mass.

 Friday 15 January.  Saint Vincent, deacon and martyr. 10.00am Streamed Mass.

 Saturday 16 January.    Weekday in Ordinary Time. No Mass in parish today.

Sunday  17 January.     Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.  10.00am. Streamed Mass


All Masses in Saint Charles church will now be live streamed.  Access is by clicking the words at the top of this page or consult newsletter for more details.


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